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You never know what you might find

…on Game Gavel that is. Anyone who doesn’t regularly visit the site should take some time and scroll through what they got. I casually search through their site and always like checking out their “Top Ten Completed” auctions as well as their “Top 10” auctions in the moment. You never know what you might find, and I’ve bought some decent collectibles off the site such as my PlayStation banner sign which would have probably fetched more else where. The site’s also easy to navigate so it’s not like you’re lost while doing your searches.

Just check out how cheap these recently finished auctions went for:

ROBOTARM Trainer SVI 2000 – This sold for only $5.50! It also came complete with the box and manual. Basically what you do is attach the joystiqs to the robot, and you conduct basic robotic sensing maneuvers while testing your motor skills(as you control the arm). You can just imagine how cool this was when it first came out. After seeing this auction it reminded me of my discovery of sealed Spectavideo consoles and accessories I found in the garbage one day, but that story will have to wait until I can find my pictures 🙂

Sega Nomad – Only sold for $27.65 in which similar auctions don’t go below the $50 mark on eBay. It’s just interesting to note the kind of deals you can find when you scroll around the web.

So check them out from time to time, you’ll never know what they have on auction.

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