Zelda 2 Fruit Snacks Box 1989, Vintage SEGA Master System Jacket, Hotline Miami Official Jacket and More!

I wonder how the Zelda 2 Fruit Snacks look like now if their from 1989 :):

Up for sale is an incredibly hard-to-find piece of Nintendo history, Legend of Zelda 2: Adventure of Link Fruit Snacks box and pouch from 1989.

Only a handful of these have ever come up for sale on public auction, the last being nearly half a decade ago. Given the incredible increase in the interest in Zelda and NES collecting in general, this may be your best (and possibly only) chance to ever get your hands on one of these really cool pieces of history.

Condition is as pictured. The box is in better condition than any I’ve seen elsewhere. There is a good possibility that this is in the best condition of any surviving specimen of this incredibly cool item.”

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Good luck!


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