Atari Pinball Store Displays

Zelda Display, Hook Pinball, Atari Cardboard Store Displays

Good mornign VGA readers. I have some interesting auctions to showcase. If you’re an Atari fan you’ll like some of the displays I’ll be showing today so get your watch list ready. Let’s go!

First auction is for the “Hook” Pinball. Yeah so what you say? Well it’s in Australia and the seller has a few other pinballs for sale as well. Shipping anything to Australia is a nightmare in costs, if you live in Australia and you’re reading this you’re probably thinking “Yeah mate”. It’s true, to ship a Pinball over there will cost an extra $1000 most likely. So save shipping costs and check out the pinball machine the seller has, well worth it if you ask me and the Hook for example is only at $1600!

Next auction is for Atari Store displays. They’re in excellent shape and the seller has a bunch for sale, just scroll through his store to see them. Here are a few he’s offering:

Other Video Game Auctions:

Fallout Vault Boy Ceramic Bobble Head Signed

Zelda Ocarina of Time Display

Nintendo Gamer Graffix Icons Mario Zelda Sticker Poster

Rock Band 2 Store Display Center 2 Guitars 4 Drums

PlayStation display kiosk sign

Original NES Open Display with Box

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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