Factory Sealed Merchandise Nintendo (NES) Promotional Items The Legend Of Zelda

Zelda Wind Waker Scroll, Famitsu Ocarina Flute Low Price, and Much More!

Good morning VGA readers. Check out the Zelda Wind Waker Scroll, it’s still holding it’s value, though a few years ago would fetch for $2000+, we’ll see where it goes in price and demand. There’s also a Zelda Ocarina official flute by Famitsu Bros. at a low price compared to other Ocarinas. Again you’ll see cheap bootlegs, unofficial ones for like $50-$200, but this is an officially licensed by Nintendo and rare Ocarina which has value and beauty. It’s going for $300 on auction or $500 buy it now, crazy price! Enjoy the post and see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

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– Legend of Zelda Wind Waker 2003 Promotional Scroll. Extremely Rare

– JFJ EYECON MINI ONE STEP CD DVD Game Scratch Fix Repair Resurfacing Machine

– Famitsu Zelda Ocarina of Time Flute Instument RARE Collector’s Edition

– Nelsonic Nintendo Super Mario 4 World Game Watch WITH ORIGINAL PACKAGING

– Tiger Electronic LCD Game Watch Dick Tracy

– 1989 Nintendo Legend of Zelda NEW Plastic Cup & (USED PLATE w/ Some Scratches)

– Destiny: The Ghost Edition for PS4 NEW SEALED

– The Ultimate Huge Video Game Lot!!!!! 1/3 of my collection

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