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Zone of Enders Limited Edition, Sonic Kids Costume and More!

Has anyone got their copy of Halo Reach? I’ve received feedback from a couple of friends, both who said I shouldn’t pass up on this game. If you own the game, let me know what you think by posting in the comment section 🙂

Zone of EndersZone of Enders

To start things off, eBay seller ivideogames is selling off his personal video game collection. I’ll be checking back with him for updates on what he’s listing, but for the time being he’s got up a couple of nice limited edition Z.O.E 1 & 2 box sets complete!

This was an excellent game(duh! since Hideo Kojima created it), and there’s nothing better than owning the limited edition release! Everything looks in excellent shape so check the auctions out!

Click here for:
Zone of Enders LTD Edtion Box Set
Zone Of Enders Anubis LTD Edition Box Set

Sonic the Hedgehog Kids Costume

Sonic Costume

Now why would an adult want to own a “kids” costume? Any guesses? Well how about this from a collectors stand point; did Sega ever release an adult costume for Sonic? Yup. Then why own a kid’s costume? Well to veiwers from outside the collectors realm it all comes down to past memories that we miss(nostalgia). I never had a sonic costume, but if I did wear this same model when I was younger I’d definitly be bidding on it myself. The Sonic costume is fetching a pretty high price so far and there’s 5 days left.

Check out the Sonic the Hedgehog Costume

Other Rare & Interesting Auctions

Complete Legend of Zelda Milton Bradley Board Game14 hours left!

Metal Gear Solid 2 LTD Edition box set – “Limited Edition Metal gear Solid 2 Box Set!!! This set is Complete!!!! Ltd edition box, guide,MGS2 Artbook,DvD’s,Soundtrack CD and Credit Card CD! the Ultimate Metal Gear Solid 2 collection!!

Official Gears of War 3 Distressed Cadet Green Cap – dunno about you but I’d wear this 🙂

JAK II Large Store Display

Dreamcast Internet Starter Kit – Seller just lowered the price if anyone’s interested
PLAYSTATION 3 Gran Turismo Promo Tuque – it’s getting colder folks, time to gear up

Halo Reach Countdown Clock from Gamestop or you can try with this Halo Reach Gamestop Clock – Cheap so far…

KRATOS God of War Official Halloween Mask! – Maybe its time to think of your Halloween costume????
World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Blood Elf Standee – You don’t see WOW standees much nowadays..

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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